Grooming For Success " From The Military To A Job"

Military Uniform to A Business Suit

 When a Veteran applies for a job or promotion respect is given when professional groomed.  

Operation Confidence "Grooming For Success" classes provide hands-on workshops along with mocked interviews.  

While dressing for success alone isn't enough to guarantee a job, it's much more likely with good hygiene and presenting oneself professionally groomed.  

Additional Classes and Services provided in how to alter or fit adaptable clothing. 

ADAPTIVE CLOTHING with Velcro Instead Of Buttons

 Operation Confidence provides supportive services with clothing stores that offer Velcro fasteners on clothing instead of zippers or buttons. This type of fastening makes dressing easy for a disabled Veteran.  

Hair Grooming

Operation Confidence encourages Veterans who use wheelchairs to enter the barber and cosmetology industry.