Operation Confidence has established a collaboration with The BuddyGuard Corporation in order to have their medical device, Boemba, available for veteran residents.    Boemba, is a manual patient lift that is Medicare/Medical Approved, FDA Registered and U.S. Patented.   Boemba, is portable, comes in multi-colored sizing, and has adjustable fasteners, and handles, that provides safety and control.    Boemba, has memory foam cushions around the back and the sides which aid in the prevention of pressure injuries.    Boemba, is made out of a revolutionary fabric, that is water-proof, hypoallergenic, washable, and eco-friendly.    Boemba, can be worn all day, due to its proprietary breathable fabric. Boemba includes a 24-hour monitoring binder for documentation.   Dr. Margarita Clement is the proud inventor of the Patient Lift (Boemba).    For further information visit The BuddyGuard Corporation website: